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Aneesa Price...Coffin Girls!

Hi everyone,

I am thrilled to have my new pal Aneesa Price with me today! Aneesa has written an awesome book, Coffin Girls, and has been getting terrific praise for it. Please read on and learn more about it. Heck, click that "like" button on Amazon, or buy it! You'll be glad you did. Aneesa also has an interesting little blog about the future of swag. You'll want to check it out as well.

Welcome Aneesa!

Does Bling Bring the Swagger to Book Sales?


Indie Thoughts by Aneesa Price


Facebook, Twitter and every social network is inundated with ‘ebook and swag giveaways’. They started off with more affordable prizes such as bookmarks and postcards then progressed to bling in the form of necklaces, jewelled bookmarks and bracelets. Now the recent trend seems to be the amazing prize of a Kindle or Nook giveaway – with the Kindle Fire being the biggest draw card.

I resisted going the swag route – not because I’m adverse to it but simply because as a new indie writer, just starting out with absolutely no budget, every ebook I gave away ate into my personal bank account. So, you can imagine that swag seemed like a dream.

To Swag or Not to Swag?

I first gave into the lure of getting my own swag when I observed the huge interest it drew and to be honest, my sales went from looking hugely promising to despondently dwindling. Another thing happened - I got a bit of disposable income, which meant that I could carve out some of that for swag. The thing with being an indie is that you cannot discount that indie writers mostly have day jobs, family responsibilities and thus also financial responsibilities with the majority of their income coming from outside of the sales of their books. But, because I was worried about my sales and I needed to create some form of hype around my work, I bit the bullet.

What Swag To Choose?

The first thing I do before embarking on any venture related to indie writing is Google. Google is the most informative and amazing resource any writer has access to and Google gave me information on swag. My search led me to a blog by Curiosity Quills. What resonated the most was that the swag being given away should be functional as well as decorative and promotional. And even better, Curiosity Quills provided the website address of an international printing company called Vistaprint (

I then spent hours poring over the contents of a variety of websites and settled on Vistaprint, who was affordable even with taking shipping into consideration. Having said that – if any indie writers are reading this blog and mosey over to Vistaprint or any other site – note that affordable is a relative term because what I paid still made me grimace.

In the end I settled for calendars, notebooks, postcards, tote bags, etc. The great thing is that you can build an online portfolio and order as little or as much as you want whenever you want to. So, I may not have a stock room full of swag – I have a small box – but I do have access to an on-site, personal portfolio for future use.

The Price of Swag?

Buying swag is one thing, shipping the swag from the vendor to your home is another. But the hidden cost that is not always taken into consideration pertains to shipping. Do not discount this because the indie writing and social literary networks are internationally spread and when you do a giveaway, what you send will be weighed and measured by your postal service or couriers.  

Some authors are limiting giveaways to their home country. I can respect and understand why but what bothers me about this is that the literary community is an international one and by limiting a giveaway to a country, you exclude many from participating.

So now, I basically sit with a box of swag in the cupboard while I save money towards the shipping! (LOL – I’ve got to laugh at the irony of the situation.)

Has it Worked?

I’ve only recently started giving away the swag. Has it helped sales? Absolutely not (*grinning again*). But what it has done, which is why I’m a swag believer, is assist me in promoting me as a writer. The number of Author Page likes for Aneesa Price – Sugary, Spicy Reads has increased, so have the number of friend requests I receive and I’ve also been experiencing renewed interests from reviewers to host my work on their blogs and to provide me with honest reviews.

So, yes – it does work. I believe that Swag fits into the category of ‘short term (financial) pain for long term (sales and promotional) gain’.

The Future of Swag?

At the moment it seems to be flooding the literary social networks and to be honest, there’s a feeling of ‘you snooze, you lose’ if you don’t get onto the swag bandwagon. So my recommendation to other indie authors is to get out there and do the swag thing (but save up first – do not put yourself personally out of pocket).

What will swag look like in future and will I reap the benefits in the form of reader reach? Well I don’t know the answer right now but I’ll be watching.
Coffin Girls, Elegantly Undead: Book 1 of the Coffin Girls Series, a paranormal romance
A sexy, female vampire with secrets.
A sinfully-handsome witch prince on a mission.
A formidable Vampire Council with something to hide.
An abundance of witch, vampire and fae magick.
A vampire descendent from the original Coffin Girls, Anais runs a successful event and wedding planning business from her majestic New Orleans plantation house. To the Vampire Council, she is seen as an exemplary hostess and household head of a misfit bunch of vampires.
When Yves, her maker and head of the Vampire Council requests her assistance in hosting the mysterious, yet dashing Prince of Witches, Conall, she has no option but to accept. But Anais is the keeper of secrets; secrets that can kill. Protective of her family’s undiscovered uniqueness, Anais is guarded, yet intrigued by the enigmatic witch prince.
Conall and Anais are drawn together when confronted with fatal encounters and an unimaginable destiny… if she’s willing to accept it and fight.  

Finding Promise Blurb:
A woman striving for independence.
A man with a charmed upbringing.
A small town filled with welcoming and quirky characters.
Caroline had led the life of a high society daughter and wife, one that was filled with soul-destroying emotional abuse. Upon the death of her husband, she finds that she is financially incapable of supporting herself and flees New York without a plan or destination in mind. Her travels lead her to Promise, a small town on the New England coast.
Following instinct, she settles in Promise and begins to explore her new found independence and the pleasurable side of love with ruggedly handsome local, Luke Edwards. Her new-found contentment is shattered as past resurrects itself and she needs to find the courage to face it before she can truly re-build her life.
“I am female, I am a slut, and most days, I think I'm a loon too, but those are my secrets to keep except from you. … I ask you to play the role of a priest – nonjudgmental, understanding, and to atone me for my sins…” ~ Simone  
Simone, the quintessential desperate housewife, is primarily absorbed on settling her family into their new home in the vibrant, metropolitan city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Unbeknownst to her, the greatest threat lurked not outside of the eight-foot walls and electric fencing but within the walls she seeks sanctuary. But the threat comes disguised as tantalizing pleasures of the most carnal nature that challenges her views of love, marriage and sex. Can Simone resist and rescue her family from the evil she’s let into their lives?
This is her first confession.

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Vonnie Davis...Mona Lisa's Room!

Hi everyone!

Please welcome the wonderful Vonnie Davis to my blog! I'm so pleased to have Vonnie here, not only because she's going to tell us about her fabulous book, but also a little bit about a very interesting Parisian store. The pictures are to die about inspiration!

Welcome, Vonnie!

I’m always amazed at and incredibly lucky over the delightful people I meet online. A few weeks ago, I met Rosanna when I won a copy of her book, THE SELKIE. Emails were exchanged and before we knew it, we were scheduled to guest blog on each other’s blog. How exciting because it gives me a chance to meet her readers and to share my latest release.


I love that Rosanna is a librarian. Libraries and bookstores are my favorite haunts.

There’s a delightful bookstore in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. It sits on the Left Bank, within steps of the Seine and in view of the Notre Dame Cathedral. When we were in Paris, Calvin insisted I had to see it. He claimed it was the most unusual bookstore in the City of Light. I wasn’t prepared for the maze of narrow hallways leading to more alcoves of dust-covered books.


This Paris institution has an interesting background. Shakespeare and Co. was first opened at another location by Sylvia Beach, an American expatriate, in 1918. During the 1920’s, it was the gathering place for writers of the “Lost Generation” -- Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Man Ray and Ezra Pound. During this period, the store was the epicenter of Anglo-American literary culture and modernism in Paris. It is featured in Woody Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris.”


When the Nazis occupied the city, the store was closed down and never re-opened until another American, George Whitman, opened a bookstore in 1951 in a building that was once a monastary. Later he renamed his English-language bookstore Shakespeare and Company in tribute to Sylvia Beach. This store became a focal point for literary culture in bohemian Paris.


Now here’s where it gets really interesting to me. Whitman, in his youth, had hiked his way through Central America and Europe. He was deeply touched by the generosity of citizens who opened their humble homes to him and shared all they had. This universal-family-ideology stuck with him and, as a result, he opened his bookstore to starving artists and writers. The bookstore includes sleeping facilities, with 13 beds, and Whitman claimed as many as 40,000 people have slept in the shop over the years. His only requirements were that his guests, whom he called “tumbleweeds”, read, work at their art/writing and help out in the bookstore for two hours a day.


A delightful book, Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare and Co. by Jeremy Mercer, tells of a writer’s month living in the famed bookstore. Imagine! Free room and board in Paris. Granted one had little privacy. Bathroom privileges were on a scheduled basis. You had to be up and moving about when the store opened. But this is Paris, y’all!


Here’s the book’s description that reinforces what I’m sharing about the place. “Wandering through Paris's Left Bank one day, poor and unemployed, Canadian reporter Jeremy Mercer ducked into a little bookstore called Shakespeare & Co. Mercer bought a book, and the staff invited him up for tea. Within weeks, he was living above the store, working for the proprietor, George Whitman, patron saint of the city's down-and-out writers, and immersing himself in the love affairs and low-down watering holes of the shop's makeshift staff. Time Was Soft There is the story of a journey down a literary rabbit hole in the shadow of Notre Dame, to a place where a hidden bohemia still thrives.”

While in Paris, we visited the bookstore several times. We bought a copy of Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry’s The Little Prince, mostly to get one of the bookstore’s famous “Kilometer Zero” stamps inside the front cover. There is a plaque in the ground in front of the store called “kilometer Zero” that is considered the official center of Paris.

Regular activities that occur in the bookshop are Sunday tea, poetry readings and writers’ meetings. George Whitman died there at the age of 98, nearly a year ago. His daughter, Sylvia Beach Whitman, now runs the shop and continues to allow young writers to live and work in the store.


So, of course, I had to include a scene at Shakespeare and Company in my romantic suspense, MONA LISA’S ROOM. Because my heroine Alyson Moore has unwittingly foiled a terrorist’s bombing attempt, she’s been placed under the protective custody of French agent, Niko Reynard. They’ve argued outside Shakespeare and Company and are now inside the store. Niko’s looking for a little gift as a making-up gesture to his charge, who is pretty upset with him…


“Where are you from?” Niko detected an Aussie accent.

“Australia. Brisbane. I’m here to experience Paris, study art and do a bit of poetry writin’.” Eddie’s eyes were scanning the shelves. “Ah, here we go, mate.” He climbed a stepstool to reach what he was after. Turning, he leaned down to hand the two books to Niko.

Thanks. Sketches of Parisian Rooftops and Sketches of Gardens of Paris.” He quickly scanned through the pages. Aly would love these.

Eddie hailed a greeting at two men, dressed in suits, when they entered and ambled through the narrow store, quietly talking as they climbed the few wooden steps to the next section.

Niko briefly glanced at them before flipping the books over to check the prices. “I’ll take all three.” He waited for the total and paid his bill. “Wrap them please so my lady friend can’t see them. They’re a surprise.”

“Oh, lucky her. I just love…”

Suddenly, screams followed by loud thumping and books falling filled the bookstore. Niko sprinted in the direction of the high-pitched shrieking, gun in hand. He bounded up the steps and rounded the corner. “Aly! Aly! What the hell.”

He skidded to a halt. One of the well-dressed men he saw entering the store earlier was on the floor, books covering most of his body. His companion was staggering, holding his hands over his eye and screaming like a banshee as blood ran down his face.

In the corner stood a pale and trembling Aly, her frightened blue eyes dominated her face. “They…they grabbed me! Said they’d kill me if I resisted. I…I karate kicked them.” She swallowed, obviously trying to gain control. “Kung…kung-fooed the hell out of them, too. And…and…”—she pointed to the screaming man still on his feet—“I think I poked his eye out with one of my stilettos.”

Niko ran a hand down his face, keeping it over his mouth to hide the smile. What a piece of work. He wanted to laugh. He wanted to hug her. And damned if he didn’t want to shake the daylights out of her for stepping out of his sight. Hadn’t he told her to stay with him?

“You okay?” Niko’s gaze swept over her, looking for injuries. He fought the urge to pull her to him and embrace her until her trembling stopped. Frankly, if he were honest, his nerves weren’t the greatest right this moment, either. When he heard her scream earlier, cold fear did a free-fall straight through his system.

Some professional he was. While buying books, Aly had to defend herself. His gaze took in the shambles. By the looks of things, hell if she hadn’t done a damn fine job. “Answer me! Did one of these bastards hurt you? Are you okay?”

“I…I gotta pee.” She was shaking violently. No doubt going into shock. Today’s events finally took their toll.

“I’ll show her to the dunny,” came the Aussie accent behind him. “Ain’t no wonder she’s gotta use the loo. The woman beat the bullocks out of the blokes, she did. Gobsmacked ’em, I’ll wager. Shall I call the police or will you?”

“I am the police. Counterterrorism unit.”


View the Book Trailer:


THE WILD ROSE PRESS (digital) --

THE WILD ROSE PRESS (paperback) --

AMAZON (paperback) --



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Black Friday Hop!

Hello hoppers and a bit thanks once again to the fabulous Carrie Ann Ryan for allowing me to join the hop fun!

Welcome to the Black Friday Hop! Are you turkeyed out yet?

Are you in the mood for prizes instead? Well, good, because we have lots of them.

Don't forget to visit the other author blogs as well! There are over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

Visit this site or click the pic below:

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $75 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more! (swag prize not available to international readers- sorry!)
So don't forget to leave your email address on each comment! And you have to visit each one to qualify for the grand prizes.
Here in Canada, we don't tend to celebrate Black Friday, although there are sales here and there, and many Canadians indulge in cross-border shopping that day. Let's face it, don't we get a little excited when we snag a great buy? Whether it be a pair of sexy shoes, a nice bag or heck, a great book, it can get your pulse racing!  My fave buy of all time was a soft leather jacket in beautiful khaki green leather...I wore it until it fell off in shreds!
What about you? Tell me about your Black Friday experiences. I'll be offering a copy of my paranormal romance The Selkie to one lucky commentor. Look how cute he is! Leave me a comment, with your email address, and tell me about your fave Black Friday moment. It could be shopping or snuggling at home and avoiding the mall. I'll pick a winner by the end of day!
The Selkie is available at: and all ebooksellers!

The Selkie blurb:

This was supposed to be her year. However, after losing her job and discovering her fiancĂ© cheating, Maggie Collins has her doubts. When her grandmother dies, she hits rock bottom. Maggie travels to her grandmother’s home in Orkney, Scotland to sort through her gran’s things, only to discover the old woman has left her a seal pelt as her inheritance. She also learns that others are after the pelt.

To add to her frustration, Maggie’s dreams are filled with luscious images of a long-haired man, images that draw her to the magical beaches in Orkney. Although she’s lost her trust in men, this dream man inspires her with a lust she’s never known before.

Calan Kirk has also been dreaming. Dreaming of Maggie, the mortal woman who arouses him as no other woman ever has. Meeting her in the flesh when she arrives in Orkney is nothing short of spontaneous sexual combustion. But she is a human, and not to be trusted. He needs the seal pelt, not a red-haired temptress.

As a thief ransacks Maggie’s grandmother’s house, Maggie and Calan are thrust together. They must search for the animal skin, a mythical relic which once found, will either bring them together or rip them apart forever.
The Selkie excerpt:
She was attempting to stand on her wobbly legs, only to fall back down on her bottom, when she heard the sound of splashing water. Thinking it was her seal, Maggie turned to look.
Her breath caught in her throat. It wasn’t the animal at all.
It was a man. He was rising out of the waves, walking toward her. She froze. He was nude, utterly nude, and was staring at her with overflowing intimacy. As if they’d had, God help her, relations.
And she realized, with sudden panic, they’d had! In her dreams. He was the seal-man from all her sex dreams.
No. Impossible.
Her first instinct was to call for help, but there was no one near. And then she realized with frightening awareness that she didn’t want any help anyway. Glued to her spot, she couldn’t help but drink him in.
He was beautiful, if unnervingly wet and naked. He had long, shiny, brown hair that hung down past his shoulders. His face could have belonged on an ad for expensive cologne, and he had a body to match. Sculpted shoulders gave way to arms corded in muscle. His defined chest was blanketed by a smattering of sparse, brown hair that led tantalizingly to his rock-hard abs.
Maggie held her breath as her gaze traveled lower on his body, taking in trim calves and thighs a quarterback would envy. And, she noted with simultaneous hunger and horror, his penis was the biggest she’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was thick and long and glistening with the droplets of water that yet cascaded over his body. And it seemed to be reaching for her. She gulped, and forced herself to look back up at his face.
There was a faint glow about his skin, a shimmery aura. Dismissing it as a trick of the moonlight, she shook her head.
He was almost upon her, and his full lips were taut in a teasing grin. Maybe he was a surfer who’d lost not only his board, but his shorts in the waves. She knew she should be frantic, but wasn’t. There was something in his brown eyes that was so familiar, so soothing, even as they swept over her own body with lustful appreciation.
He stopped in front of her, and stood boldly, unashamed of his glorious nakedness. She managed to spit out one hushed word. “You.”
“You,” was his equally awed reply.

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D.X. Luc...Mind Games!

I am so pleased today to welcome back my pal D.X. Luc and to be able to share the news about her new Yellow Brick Road book Mind Games! The cover alone is taking me places...

Does anyone else need another coffee? (cleansing breath)

Please read on and you'll be privy to a sexy little teaser from Mind Games! Thanks for being here, D.X.!

Loving him opened her heart. Submitting to his will can only make her stronger.

After learning the truth of Toto and their love getting them through the first trial of Oz, Dorothy is now faced with a greater test. Her mate is changing and he wants more from her than she thinks she can give. She fears the unknown while equally craving the hedonistic life he wishes to show her.

Toto fought too long to control his urges to dominate, but now he has his Dorothy and he wants nothing more than to see her kneel at his feet. The problem is getting her to trust him enough to try. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise as she fights against what he knows she wants and he works to keep them safe.

New enemies come to destroy their chances while friends guide them along the way. Toto and Dorothy's journey is far from over as they continue their search for the emblems that will free the world of Oz. In acceptance they can take their relationship to a higher level of erotic delight.

But will they rise to the challenge?


Dorothy didn't have to see his face to know she got to him, a smile playing along her lips as she headed to the bathroom. If he wanted to play, she give him the game of a lifetime.
She showered quickly and used the scented oil to moisturize her skin, rubbing until it tingled. Once she zippered up the boots, Dorothy gave her reflection a once over and smiled at how provocative she felt in just her skin, boots, and collar. There was a sparkle in her eyes that hadn't been there before. With a toss of her still damp hair, she exited the room and found Oestar waiting by the doorway.
His eyes caressed her body making her warm under their scrutiny. Finally, he looked back at her face, raising his brow. Dorothy blushed before remembering to look down. She followed behind his long braid into the kitchen where Freeska had already set the table and knelt on her pillow.
Dorothy's was placed on the right side of his chair and she immediately took her spot. T was nowhere to be found and she wanted to know where he and the woman were, but dared not ask. Somehow she knew Oestar wouldn't tell her anyway until he was good and ready. She bided her time, taking the bites of food he offered while he read the paper.
It wasn't until several minutes passed in silence that she noticed Freeska signaling her with her eyes. Glancing over, the woman gave a subtle nod toward T's bedroom, which was closed at the moment. Then she looked at Dorothy with pity which told her he was in his room with Nytari. Alone.
No! She refused to believe they were doing anything more than just talking. Toto was loyal to her. He said it himself. Swallowing past the lump that formed in her throat, Dorothy accepted a crumble of cheese which felt like cement as it went down. Once Oestar finished, she helped his slave clear away the plates and then waited for his next order of business.
Standing quietly while he folded the paper, the stillness of the room grew thick and uncomfortable. So, it was understandable why Dorothy jumped when he finally spoke.
“Little flame, come and bend over my lap. Time to start your own lessons.” Oestar's voice was laced with both power and lust. A heady mixture to say the least.
Dorothy looked to Freeska but got no reaction to his command. She had come to respect the woman and didn't want to upset her.
“Dorothy! Here. Now.”
She sucked in air hoping that it would give her courage before obeying his order. Oestar had pushed out his chair enough for Dorothy to lay her torso and stomach over his legs. Her hand rested on the floor while her knees bent slightly, the angle raising her buttocks. The weight of her full breasts dangling and the anticipation of what he had planned made the nipples tighten.
Placing his hand flat on her back, he trailed it from the top of her spine down between her legs where he cupped her pussy. Instinctively, she arched for more and was greeted with a stinging slap that had her yelp in surprise.
“You are to lay still, little flame. And no coming without my say so. Understood?” His words flowed over her like satin.
Slowly she nodded and relaxed her hips. She had to bite her lip when his fingers began sliding along her wet folds, each swipe increasing the pressure upon her clit. Dorothy's nails dug into her kneeling pillow and just when she thought he couldn't torture her any further, she realized she truly underestimated Oestar's sadistic nature. The moan she fought to control rolled out as he trailed his heavy braid over the seam of her bottom.
“Feels good, little flame?” He rasped.

Buy link:

Livia Ellis...Memoirs of a Gigolo!

Hello all!

A while back I had the pleasure of reading a tantalizing little book entitled Memoirs of a Gigolo, Vol. 1. Can you say sexiness? This hot little number by Livia Ellis was so much fun. And there's more! The delightful Oliver is the star of two other volumes, and I can't wait to read them.

Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Two

 Livia Ellis is here to talk to us a little bit and share the scoop. Welcome Livia!

Memoirs of a Gigolo: Birth of a Gigolo (Volume 1)

1) Did you always want to be an author?  If not, what else would you have done?

            I've always wanted to be a writer. Always. But I was raised by people that had very firm opinions about always having something to fall back on. I may not have seem the point behind this at the time, but I get it now. So I have a bill paying job while I'm working towards supporting myself through my writing.

2) What is the strangest job you ever had and why?

            Do I even admit to this? I suppose I must... I was a cigar girl at a bar in the financial district in New York. Someday I'll write a book about that experience.


3) What is your favourite book of all time and why?

This is always a tricky question for me because my favorite tends to change depending on my mood. At the moment, my favorite is Dodie Smith – I Capture the Castle. I gave it to a young lady friend of mine and she just loved it. We spent a wonderful hour on the phone talking about how great it is and how every girl should read it. Otherwise, Gone With the Wind and Anna Karenina. Odd choices because the two main characters are so very different.

I am going to add a non-fiction choice. The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler. I've spent a great deal of my time as a student studying archetypes and mythology. I wish I'd written that book.

4) Describe your ideal hero or heroine (details please! *wink wink*)

My ideal hero is the self-effacing reluctant hero. The one that finds the power within to accomplish great things. I also like the hot mess. I love the hot mess actually! Make him smart, strong both mentally and physically, handsome (of course), a good cook, and a bit of a neat freak that loves to clean up after me and do the laundry. Oh – and if he could look like Channing Tatum... You get the idea!

As for heroines – make my girl scrappy, smart, independent, and willing to take a chance. I love both Katnis Everdeen and Hermione Granger probably for the same reasons I love Scarlett O'Hara. These are girls that can tcb.


5) If you could share a romantic evening with any character from romance literature (any genre), who would it be and what would you do to him/her (ahem! With him/her)?


6) What comes first for you: plot or character?

Usually they come together. I get story ideas in large inspirational chunks. But then as I'm writing, there will always be someone standing the corner (I hope that makes sense!) that I need to coax out.

7) Who is, hands down, the sexiest actor of all time?

Hum hum hum.... All time... That's tricky... I'm going to go with... Channing Tatum? No! I'm totally kidding around. I'm going to say give me a young Harrison Ford in his best Dr. Jones tweed jacket and this perrenial student just swoons.

8) Describe your writing style please.

I work when I have time which is usually late in the evening. I would love to be an early morning person, but I'm not. I have had jobs that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. For some reason I seem to like to live my life on off hours.

9) Who is your favourite author and why?

You of course! I love The Selkie!
**Rosanna steps in** THANK YOU, LIVIA!! :)

10) What is on the horizon for you? Any interesting news or books we should know about?

I have so many irons in the fire I should be a smith. I am working on a YA dystopian (aren't we all!) and a book set in Ancient Greece.

Here's the list of what is in the pipeline:

 Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Four – December 1st.

Bare in Bermuda – December ?

The first chapter of The Secret World of Juniper Grace December 15th.

Sport of Kings – January 21st.

Information About Memoirs of a Gigolo:

Memoirs of a Gigolo

is a twelve part serialized book written by Livia Ellis. The twelve volumes will be
distributed over a year. The plan is to release one a month, every month, for a year. Volume One was
released on October 1
st, 2012. In addition to the twelve volumes in the main story arc, there will be a
minimum of six stand alone volumes. Each will have a holiday theme and be told from a different POV.
The story is written in the first person POV from the perspective of the main protagonist, Oliver Adair.

Memoirs of a Gigolo

is written as a heroic journey. From the call to the adventure, to the trials, and
finally the reward.


Oliver Adair enjoys a life of women (sometimes men), travel, and sex. Unfortunately these things cost
money – something he doesn’t have a lot of. After a personal scandal lands him on the cover of just
about every newsstand tabloid and celebrity magazine the proverbial party of his life comes to an end.
He’s lost most of his money, his family has pretty well disowned him, and the woman he loves has
returned to her husband. He’s come to the conclusion that the most expeditious way to get his life back
is to find a wealthy wife. To this end, he engages the service of a matchmaker. While she’s searching
for a wife for him, he’s working for her as an escort. When he’s offered an opportunity to get paid for
doing what he loves, he happily signs on to become a male escort. Oliver quickly discovers that in this
world of high priced sex, not only is being a mans man still desirable, but expected. By embracing his
masculine sexuality, he makes a name for himself in the world of escorts.


What sparked the idea for your novel?

I was on a flight and ended up stuck on the tarmac. As one does, I got to talking to the man sitting next
to me. He was impossibly beautiful. Blond, but spoke with a Spanish accent. I guessed correctly that he
was Argentinian, which kicked off a conversation. After a ten hour flight followed by two hours of
sitting motionless, I learned that he was an escort. I thought about him for a long time. Then one day I
was stuck in an airport (these ideas always come to me in airports or airplanes for some reason) and as I
trolled through the magazines and read about scandals and downfalls, Oliver appeared to me. I had my

What was the hardest part to write in the book?

Writing from the first person POV of a man. I’m not a man. I had to put myself into the mind of a man.
Not easy to do.

What is your favorite part of the book?

Any part that has to do with subtly revealing Oliver’s character. I like the challenge of slowly showing
rather than telling. I’m hoping this comes across in the scene with Elon and Oliver. I want the readers
to see that they have a very deep connection, that they love each other, but that Elon is in love with
Oliver in a way that Oliver can never reciprocate. Although Oliver engages in M/M sex as an escort, he
is heterosexual.

How did you come up with the title?

I was playing around with a few ideas that had to do with autobiographies, biographies, journals,
diaries, etc., etc… Then there it was Memoirs of a Gigolo.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best

Worst: You suck. Best: Style-wise it’s really excellent. Makes me smile. It’s well-written, good pace,
good dialogue (which a lot of people cannot do), and I am very interested in it. (I just received that bit
of feedback on my Irish Harry Potter – fingers crossed it gets picked up.)

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?

Writing is a hard job that requires an extraordinary amount of time, mental energy, effort, and
dedication. There is a part of me that feels so deeply sorry for these people that just started writing and
think they are somehow due success because their mother/aunt/sister/boyfriend think their writing is
fantastic. I’ve been at this for years and I’ve devoted hours and hours to dedicated practice. Writing is a
craft that has to be learned. That’s not to say there aren’t people that get lucky and fall into success, but
for the rest of us it’s a lot of heartbreaking work. My advice: If you think you might rather do
something else, then do it. If you know you can only be a writer, then that’s what you are.

What project are you working on now?

Memoirs of a Gigolo is going to take up the better part of the next year. I am also about to start
releasing another serial: The Secret World of Juniper Grace. I started writing about Juniper when I was
in college. My friends that have been reading Juniper all along have been prodding me to publish. Now
that I've taken the plunge into self-publishing and found the water both warm and pleasant, I'm going to
start putting more work that is lingering on my laptop out there. I am also working on a YA dystopian, a
few other erotic stories, and a story I like to call my Irish Harry Potter (Can I call something an Irish
Harry Potter? Will J.K. Rowling’s cabal of lawyers come after me? I guess we’ll find out!).

Available on youtube
About Livia Ellis

Were I to write a personal ad about myself it would read as follows:
Blond. Blue. 5’6”. A lady never discloses her weight, but I’ve never had any complaints. I only run if
I’m being chased by a gun wielding maniac, but I do love yoga. Bit of a shoe hound. Have had issues
passing up handbags. Trying to learn to play the Irish harp. Enjoy both theater and concerts. Love to
read fantasy and science fiction. Am not ashamed to admit I adore Star Trek. Have a picture of myself
(dressed as a nun) and the late Patrick Swayze (dressed as a medieval warrior) in a frame (Yes – I did
cry when he died). Perpetual student with advanced degrees that are mostly useless when seeking job
opportunities outside academia. Vivid imagination. Sexually adventurous only on paper. I never know
what to say when people end a conversation with ‘god bless’. Occasionally play the lottery – but
generally only when I’m feeling really poor. Love to travel. Fluent French speaker. Seeks readers
whom enjoy what I write.


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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Night Owl Reviews has reviewed The Selkie!

I'm so thrilled to share that Night Owl Reviews has given my paranormal romance The Selkie 4 lovely stars! Reviewer Pauline Michael had this to say:

"Rosanna Leo livens up a legend with this fantastic paranormal romance. Maggie Collins is delightful....Calan Kirk is a hero that fantasies and followed by dreams are made of. What more could any woman want? Calan is a legendary skilled lover with a sense of humor and a body that belongs in a museum. I loved the witty exchanges between our leading couple; their chemistry is astounding and I enjoyed all their interactions....the vivid descriptions transport the reader to breathtaking Orkney shores where folktales abound and it’s easy to suspend your disbelief and give in to the magic in the mist. I look forward to seeing what else this author has to offer."

Here's a link to the whole review:

Pick up your copy of The Selkie today at
And thank you!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Birthday Bash for Paloma Beck!

I am so pleased to be among the group of authors asked to celebrate my friend and author's Paloma Beck's 40th...don't worry, Paloma, you don't look a day over 25! :)

Paloma's doing some awesome giveaways on her site as a result of this grand event. There will be 40 covers and 40 blurbs to check out. So check out her blog site at the link below!

This is the list of participants...
Kenzie Michaels | Jo Peterson | Rosanna Leo | Keta Diablo | Kellie Kamryn | Kaylea Cross | Jan Graham | Melinda Dozier | Trista Ann Michaels | Jessicca Collins | Laura Kaye | Dianne Hartsock | Tmonique Stephens | Tammy Dennings Maggy | Molly Daniels | Lucinda Gunnin | Doris O'Connor  | Vanessa Johnston | Elodie Parkes | Kallypso Masters | Bronwyn Green | Skhye Moncrief  | Gemma Parkes | Lila Munro | Raine Miller | Flossie Benton Rogers

To celebrate, I'll be giving away a copy of The Selkie to one lucky commenter as well. Leave me a note, or a wish for Paloma, and you could win The Selkie today. Don't forget to leave an email address please!
The Selkie is available at and all ebooksellers!