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Andrew Valentine...Bitter Consequence!


I am so pleased to welcome the terrific Andrew Valentine today! We have so much in common: we write paranormal, we love vampires...and most importantly, we even share some Italian heritage!! Plus, Andrew is a great writer and lovely man and I'm so happy he can be here to tell us about his sexy vamps! There's a smoking excerpt in store for you too. I'm just going to turn the floor right over to him, so please welcome Andrew!


1.     Andrew, you’re the author of the erotic vampire novel, Bitter Consequence.


2.     What’s it about?  How did it come about?
Here’s a short synopsis of Bitter Consequence: 

Immortal love.  Immortal evil.  A woman must save her husband from an evil blood-goddess to prevent a supernatural war on the streets of modern New York in this groundbreaking tale of erotic horror.

The challenge—which I found inspiring—was to be able to take existing characters and bring new dimension to them. 
          For example, I had great fun with the character Dave, who in the first book was Michelle’s best friend.  He was sweet, caring, super nice, a little nebbish and the kind of guy that women think of as “just good friends.”  Would it be shocking to reveal just how much I could relate to this guy?  Dave’s totally in love with Michelle, and he gets an opportunity to be with her and blows it.  He commits the great sin of being honest with her at exactly the wrong time.
          In the next book, Bitter Consequence, Dave can’t get over the fact he blew it so completely and is desperate to get her back.  This is only magnified when… when something happens that I shouldn’t reveal here.  But it sets Dave on a path on which he will make alliances with the wrong people and will end up changing his life forever.
          Dave’s not the love interest, by the way.  Scott, Michelle’s husband, is.  In Bitter Things, his emotional scars force his wife and him to play a sexual game that spins out of control that has repercussions for the next two books.  One of the things that went wrong with that game was that Scott and Michelle unwittingly invite a vampire into their lives.  Historically, this is a bad thing to do.
          In Bitter Consequence, Scott’s emotional scars heal and he’s able to commit himself fully to his love for Michelle.  But his love becomes a blind devotion—which works for a while but ends up getting them into trouble.

          At the center of it all is Michelle, who had the biggest transformation from one book to another.  She’s forced to deal with people in a very different manner than she thought possible: her lovers, her friends, her parents—even her enemies—all of them are changed by Michelle’s ability to turn certain death into a fighting chance to win.  She’s a determined survivor with an unswerving devotion to her lovers that makes her a fascinating character to me.  And I hope the readers feel the same way about it! 

3.     What’s your favorite vampire novel? Erotic novel? 

I loved Vampyrrhic by Simon Clark, which I thought was at least as good as Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot in terms of sheer horrific fun.  Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles are an unending source of inspiration, as are her erotic Beauty books, written under the pseudonym. A.N. Roquelaure (incidentally, I’m heading to New Orleans the weekend prior to Halloween to participate on a panel at her Ann Rice Vampire Lestat Ball and UnDead Con—and I’m soooo psyched to be there!).

          Some of my favorite erotica writers are:

·        Lora Leigh (especially Forbidden Pleasure)

·        Marquis de Sade (believe it or not, this master of the form was a judge for the rebellion during the French Revolution.  Later he was locked away in an insane asylum when his writing angered Napoleon.  de Sade wrote this one book I love, called the Philosophies of the Bedroom, which is both physically and intellectually stimulating)

·        Lenore Elliott (I thought her Dirty as Sin novella was fantastic!)


4.     Bitter Consequence mentions food a lot.  What is your favorite cuisine?
I have an Italian heritage, so of course I have to say my mom’s sauce and meatballs.  I’d be thrown out of the family if I didn’t.  In fact, I really like my own cooking, especially my homemade pasta.  But if I’m out and about, I love a good steak and a nice glass of red wine.  My favorite drink is bourbon and soda—and my bourbon is Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek.  In fact, I hint at my love of Maker’s Mark in Bitter Things, the book that came before Bitter Consequence.

5.     Do you have a favorite line in Bitter Consequence?  Favorite scene?

There are a thousand terrific lines—it’s a great book!  But one that stands out for me occurs in a scene where one of my favorite new characters is dominating a guy, humiliating him… because that’s what she does.  And she says to my main character, “Behind every great man is a woman.  Wearing  a strap-on.”  I think that just captures the essence of Bitter Consequence.  As Woody Allen once said, “Pithy yet degenerate.”


1.            What is Bitter Consequence about? 


I began with a “what if” question:  What if, in order to save herself, a woman destroys a vampire, unleashing an ancient evil that is far, far worse?
And in answering that question, I came up with the following story, the synopsis for which below:




In order to save her husband and herself, Michelle slays an ancient undead queen, inheriting her power, her people and her progeny.   What Michelle can’t know is that her triumph sends violent ripples through the supernatural world.

            Across town, in a nightclub dedicated to dark desires and pulsing sexuality, the ancient blood-goddess Kali is struck down as a result of Michelle’s instinctual act of self-preservation.  Kali survives and awakens, with a physical need for revenge and an immortal thirst for power—the death of the ancient queen gives Kali’s own nefarious plans a chance for new life.

            Michelle and this new, cunning immortal are thrust against each other, not in a battle for survival alone, but for the power to rule an unstoppable army of the dead.

Now she is entangled in a web of deceit where lives, loves and destinies are changed forever or lost completely—and all actions produce bitter consequences.

            About the book:  Bitter Consequence is the second in the series after the National Writers Association’s award-winning novel, Bitter Things. It is intended for the same audience as Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

            Bitter Consequence is available Amazon: Paperbacks are $14.95; Kindles will be for $9.99.  Right now, Bitter Things is only $2.99 on Kindle as a special, to introduce you to the Bitter world.  Please feel free to click here to order your copy.

            My publisher has an excellent distribution system, so you can order it from any of your physical local booksellers. 


And you can join the fan club on Facebook:


I’m updating the trailer for Bitter Consequence, which h isn’t quite ready yet.  But in the meantime, check out the trailer for the other book, on my website:



(I like to say it will give you 1000 Bitter Things thrills in less than a minute)


2.            bio and links where people can find the book


            Andrew Valentine is an award winning novelist (National Writers Assn.) screenwriter and freelance journalist who lives and writes in New York.  He is a founding member of the Paranormal Romance Guild and is member of several professional organizations.  Andrew holds a masters degree in psychology from the New School for Social Research and is a marketing director at a direct marketing firm where his writing is more effective in generating revenue than pulse-pounding thrills.


Visit him online at any of these sites:

·                     This is the link to my first novel, Bitter Things: www.bitterthingsthebook.com

·                     This is the link to the second, Bitter Consequence: www.BitterConsequence.com

·                     You can find a trailer for Bitter Things on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLrvRDeZs5E&feature=g-upl

·                     You can find Andrew here, at the Paranormal Romance Guild: www.paranormalromanceguild.com/

·                     You can also find Andrew on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewValentinesBitterThings


You can pick up your copy of Bitter Things here (unfortunately, at the moment it’s only available on Kindle [we’re sold out of hard copies, which is a good problem to have, I suppose!]):


You can order your copy of Bitter Consequence here:

Good reviews for Bitter Things


·         Robin Shannon, NPR / WFUV: “Valentine takes us on a mysterious and erotic journey… [Bitter Things] delves into bondage-eroticism and I found myself blushing… what a book!”

·         5-Star Review from Paranormal Romance Guild: 5*****Star

Book- Bitter Things

Author- Andrew Valentine

Publisher- National Writers Press

Rated- Adult Erotic

Genre= Vampire

Andrew Valentine has a great new take on Vampirism with Endorphins...and Blood and Sex. He has taken the Vampire story to another level….I loved Michelle for her strong bullheadedness to find Scott and her fierce determination to keep him. …I found Scott to have a fine sense of strength of love over sex to try and not succumb to the evil.  Take the ride with them and see for yourself. What would you have chosen in Michelle or Scott’s place? Hope Mr Valentine is not finished with this story. Hopefully we can coax him into giving us a sequel, I look forward to it.

Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer

Paranormal Romance Guild


·         Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston: “a whole new take on vampire mythology… clever use of sexuality and a reason for the elements of domination…  one feels empathy for the ‘killing machine’ which adds to the storyline… you tear through the book.”

·         Ramsey’s Reviews - http://trinagon6.blogspot.com/search/label/Andrew%20Valentine – Reviewed by Nicola Ormerod (4 out of 5): “[Bitter Things] is spot on. A good mixture of sex, violence and plot. Characters are all believable and the ending was not predictable and kept the reader guessing to the end.”

·         Lisa Phillips, author of Obsession Everlasting: Andrew Valentine's Bitter Things is an exciting, erotic, page-turning thriller that speaks to being very careful what you wish for! When a young couple's sexual fantasy comes to life in an alluring, exotic woman neither can resist, their lives are forever altered in a single night. What follows is a dark, desperate exploration of the frailty of human emotion and the seductive lure of a vampire's bloodlust.

Mr. Valentine takes traditional vampire lore, adds a contemporary, sexually-charged twist, and leaves the reader gasping for more!

·         EJ Stevens, author of She Smells the Dead, (Spirit Guide, Book 1): “…a wonderful read. If you enjoy Vampire Erotica then this book is for you. Blood, sex, mystery and suspense--this book has it all!”

·         From Tamel Quijas, author of Moonlight Deception:  Recently, I picked up BITTER THINGS   which is an unforgettable novel by stunning new author, Andrew Valentine.  Honestly, I was amazed! I was caught by Chapter One, drawn into a world of murder, erotic sexual depravity, and a delightfully strong female lead that will battle tooth and nail to find her husband. With the turn of each page, I was pulled deeper into this wondrous tale, filled with absolute human persistance, graphic vampire bloodlust, and an unexpected ending that left me breathless. Bitter Things is a riveting tale written by an amazing new male talent, which brings delightful insight into the paranormal. This is, absolutely, not your teenager’s vampire novel!

·         Nick Sarames, WVOX AM 1450: “extremely interesting book!  Not for the faint of heart…”

·         Jamie London, WSPL  AM1250: “very cool!”

·         Tron Simpson, KCMN: “Great … Kinda weird, man…. Woo-hoo!”

·         Richard Garfunkel, The Advocates, WVOX: “Bitter Things… addresses the new cultural (and often eternal) phenomenon and fascination with vampirism and eternal life”

·         "Fresh, brash, in-your-face, evocative story telling. Andrew Valentine's Bitter Things is actually frothy and stimulating… and slyly literate.  Highly recommended summer reading - for that matter, in any season."
- Paul Levinson
Author of The Plot to Save Socrates

·         "Bitter Things is everything a vampire book should be.  Just like an incredible steak, it's juicy and sensual and satisfies some animal craving of yours, even though underneath you always know there's a dark side to it. Valentine's writing is as sharp and polished as an incisor pressed against your pulse point. A real treat."

-- Cecilia Tan
Author of White Flames

·         "Andrew Valentine's Bitter Things delivers a hard punch to the senses. It's provocative, erotic, and filled with unforgettable characters that make you eager for more. Within this story, Valentine brings new meaning to the word 'Vampire,' ripping it from the pages of folkloric fantasy and shoving it into the realm of horrific plausibility. I defy anyone to put this novel down after the first two pages--it simply can't be done! "

--Deborah LeBlanc
President of the National Horror Writers Association

Erotic excerpt of Bitter Consequence

In this scene:

Michelle, a new vampire queen, has inherited a Keep of slaves and the women who rule over them.   Having learned of her husband’s need for submission and humiliation, Michelle, the new vampire queen, asks one of her dominatrixes to instruct her on how best to dominate him.   

Told from the husband’s viewpoint, Scott.


Before Scott knew it, he was on the floor of the Reconciliation Room in the dungeons.  Patricia and Michelle were both stepping on his face with one foot each.  Michelle’s other was on the ground, where she leaned most of her weight, while Patricia stood on his chest with her other foot.  The added height made her taller than Michelle.  They began to kiss, with Michelle’s face slightly upturned.  As their ardor increased, she fell in to her and stepped on Scott harder.  Patricia leaned back against the rack. 

He couldn’t see them well, crushed beneath their feet – Michelle wore nylon stockings and Scott loved that, and Patricia’s foot was bare, and Scott loved it more.  He could hear them breathing heavily; their mouths were locked and moving. They were lost in each other’s embrace. It filled him with lust.  But what was even more arousing was that they were so into it, they’d completely forgotten about him, about how much pain they were inflicting on him by standing on his face while they kissed.

“Thank you,” he would have said if he could have moved his mouth other than to lick the bottoms of their feet.  “Thank you for crushing me.”  He couldn’t believe his wife would punish him so thoroughly!  She knew how badly he deserved it, how badly he needed it. “Thank you for letting me be your footstool.”

Patricia broke the embrace, and breathlessly pushed Michelle back.  “Promising,” she stammered.  Both of them stepped off Scott.  Patricia looked down at him, as if just remembering he was there.  “Oh.  Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry about him,” Michelle said.  “This is his dream come true.”  Then she firmly planted her foot on his nose and mouth once more and resumed her embrace with Patricia.

This time, Scott was able to see Patricia’s hands in his wife’s hair.  He saw her pull her by her shoulders toward her, somewhat roughly.  Scott watched Michelle respond by moving her hands in front of her, but he couldn’t see what she was doing there. 

Patricia stopped kissing his wife long enough to say:  “It opens in the front.”  A pause.  “That’s it.”

Michelle whispered something Scott couldn’t make out.

“Of course,” Patricia said.  “That’s what I want you to do.”

They changed positions.  Instead of kissing, now Patricia leaned on the rack with her right hand, while her left encircled Michelle’s head.  Patricia’s eyes were closed, clearly reveling in Michelle’s ministrations – whatever they were. 

Straining to see past Michelle’s foot, which unceremoniously ground his cheeks down, Scott aimed his gaze on Patricia’s face.  Those perfect lips parted slightly.  A low moan escaped the elegant throat Michelle had just licked and sucked on (but refrained from biting!).  Patricia breathed faster, more deeply.  Scott watched the rise and fall of her body.  He saw her hand that was holding her up flex as if she’s trying to maintain control.

Patricia guided Michelle back, easing her off.  She took a moment to breathe, batting her eyes quickly.  Thus composed, she said:  “Okay. Scott, on your knees.  Michelle, come this way.”

Michelle stepped off her husband and Patricia took her hand.  She led her to an ornate chair, Michelle’s dungeon throne.  It was padded with black velvet and had bolt holes where devices of various intentions could be fastened.  On his knees Scott followed, resting on his heels once he was there.

Patricia hoisted up her shiny plastic skirt, revealing sexy little satin panties. She held her skirt up in a fist.  Her other hand was on her waist. Arm akimbo in an authoritative stance.

“Now I want both of you to take those off me.  Scott, use your teeth.” 

He thought it was wise not to ask his vampire wife to use hers.

They did so slowly, adoringly, but by the time they were down to her feet, Scott accomplished the task alone.  Michelle, on the other hand, had begun to kiss Patricia’s pubis, flicking her tongue over and around her mound.  She was teasing her, not actually performing the act he was dying to perform himself.

“I can’t believe I’m really doing this,” Michelle murmured.  Yet she didn’t appear the least bit hesitant.

But Patricia had other plans for his wife. 

“Disrobe,” she commanded, and fell onto the chair.  Patricia rested her right leg on Scott’s left shoulder as Michelle peeled away her clothes and dropped it to the floor.

She fell forward, onto Patricia.  They met in a heated kiss.  From his kneeling position, lovingly massaging and kissing Patricia’s feet and legs, Scott watched Michelle’s full mane sway in her ardor to kiss the other woman.  Patricia’s hands were on her back and ass, grabbing and squeezing in a balance between controlled seduction and blind heat.  Scott didn’t know how she did it – he, himself, would have succumbed to unchecked lust.  In fact, he was fighting every fiber of his being not to release his member and stroke it while watching the two women he worshipped frolic together.

These miraculous women somehow positioned themselves perfectly.  Michelle straddled both arms of the chair.  Beneath her, Patricia’s legs were spread out before Scott like a feast.  Her lips were exposed to him, inviting him with their deep maroon tones and succulent folds.  They were swollen and wet, and his mouth watered to taste them.

He rested his chin on the chair and immediately tongued Patricia.  She tasted fantastic; her juices flowed over his nose, mouth, face.  This is the thing Scott dreamed of most in the world, and here he was, able to perform his most beloved act on one of the most remarkable women he’d ever met, while the single most remarkable woman he ever met sat above him and kissed her.  As Scott spent time drawing out Patricia’s clitoris he felt tremors in Patricia’s body.  He worked his tongue earnestly.

Was she about to cum?

Michelle sensed it too, and lowered her ass onto his head, pushing him back from completing Patricia’s orgasm.  For her part, Patricia thrust her hips forward, telling him to get back to work, tantalizing him with promises of coming on his face.

Michelle rolled her hips downward to keep Scott from doing the thing he longed to do.  Could this slave serve two mistresses? Whom did Scott obey?

As one thrust forward and the other pressed down, they began grinding against one another.  Patricia’s naked sex pressed against Michelle’s.  Scott had never seen such a thing as this.  He was rapt, immobilized with lust and adoration.

He thought:  I could suck Michelle’s ass while they fuck each other... like last time?

            Before he could act on this inspiration, the two women were off each other, standing on either side of him. 

            “Your turn,” Patricia said to him.  “Take off your clothes and get on the rack.  And put that on.”  She nodded to a wrapped condom on the polished wood.

            Once he was on his back on the rack, Michelle strapped his ankles to the wood, then fastened his wrists above his head.  She turned a handle on the side of the device, which spread Scott’s arms and legs wide.   He was now spread-eagle.  

            With her bosom exposed from Michelle’s earlier work but still wearing her shiny plastic skirt, Patricia straddled his waist and leaned forward against his chest.  He opened his mouth to receive her tongue, but she wouldn’t have it.  Instead, she pressed her forehead to his chest as she positioned herself to consume his manhood with her sex.

With a firm grip on his inflamed erection, she swallowed him inside her.  Both of them gasped as she slid back, driving the weight of her body down against his hips.  It forced his erection to penetrate her more deeply.  Then, slowly, almost languorously, Patricia began to drive up and down his shaft.  Scott couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, could hardly function at all.  He was fucking Mistress Patricia! 

Oh my God..!  I’m inside this fantastic woman, she’s riding me, fucking me, in front of my wife! 

Then Patricia did something he didn’t expect.  She slowed her rhythm, eased back and raised her right leg to Scott’s chest.  Then, like a ballerina or a well-trained gymnast, she swiveled about so that she was now facing away from him.  Scott had a lovely view of her long, tapered back.  Her spine was straight, leading his eye up to her locks, which she shook out.

He felt her hands on his thighs as she pumped up and down.  He watched her ass, still in that shiny skirt, rise and fall, slapping down wetly.  Scott closed his eyes, struggling to fight off the rising tremors if his own climax.

Not yet.  Not yet!

He forced his eyes open. He wouldn’t let himself miss a thing!

Michelle knelt down by the table joint which spread his legs. He felt her cool fingers cup his balls, spreading them with her thumbs and massaging them gently but firmly.  Was she using her tongue now?  He imagined Patricia’s juices flowing over her forehead, down her face, while she stabbed his sack with her tongue. Michelle’s magnificent mouth traveled below his balls, over them, then up what small part of his shaft that wasn’t engulfed in Patricia’s pussy. 

He no longer felt her tongue and guessed Michelle was earnestly working on Patricia, pleasuring this fabulous woman with it as she fucked him, pumping him deeper into her with each downward thrust.

It didn’t take long for his wife to give his mistress an orgasm. 

She cried out in a gasp that momentarily sounded like pain.  Then she fell backward, crushing Scott’s chest with her back.  His member, still at full mast, was dislodged. 

            Patricia’s scent was in his nose, her hair was on his face, her body was sweating against his own.  It wasn’t easy at all to master himself with visions like this in his head.  It was especially bad when Scott looked past Patricia’s body to spy an almost lewd smile on Michelle’s glistening face.  She expertly brought Patricia off and loved every minute of it.

            She reached forward and helped her off him. 

            “Ok?” Patricia asked Michelle.

            “More than ok.”

            “You’re ready then?”

            “Absolutely,” Michelle replied, poorly concealed enthusiasm in her voice.

What next? Scott wondered.   Maybe they’re going to step on me again…. 

But he was wrong.  In an evening of dreams coming true, within moments, his ultimate fantasy was made real.

Michelle climbed up onto the rack and knelt beside him, then raised her leg over his face, like mounting a horse.  Slowly she lowered herself onto his nose and mouth.  She covered his face with her buttocks, smothering him momentarily which only enflamed him more.  She adjusted herself so that she was comfortable and that Scott’s tongue was thrust up into her ass.  Sitting on his face, she began to roll her hips over it, stroking his member as she did.

But no.  That’s not what she was doing;  she was guiding his member into Patricia again!

My God my God my God, Scott couldn’t think!  He wasn’t even human any more.  Scott was nothing but this exact moment.  All his life had been building up to than this – these two breathtakingly exquisite women, these goddesses that Scott had somehow been favored to know, were performing the most beautiful act ever conceived by Man (and Woman!) and Scott was the happy benefactor of their generosity.

And that was putting it mildly.

Michelle sat on his face, fucking his face.  Patricia straddled his hips, fucking him.  They were kissing each other, feeling each other, arms around each other’s heads and necks.  His mind was awhirl with visions of them. 

And then they did the most amazing thing, which Scott could only surmise from the movements of their bodies on his:  they began masturbating with their free hands.  They were fucking him, kissing each other, and strumming while they did it.

Holy God!

There was only so much the poor man could take.  Instantly, Scott fired his white hot seed into the sheath wrapping his member.  They felt it too, and Patricia called out as she climaxed with him, falling against Michelle’s erect form. 

“Goodness,” Patricia said with a breathy sigh.  “I think you’re a natural, Michelle.”