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Get caught in Lee Brazil's Man Trap!

What a pleasure it is for me today to share the news about Lee Brazil's new book The Man Trap!  Lee is the author of some very sexy books starring some very sexy men, and The Man Trap is no exception to that rule.  Please read on for a small taste of this tantalizing new work!

The Man Trap

By Lee Brazil

Coming June 1, 2012

From Breathless Press

M/M contemporary romance


When former classmate Alexi Manetas wanders into his book store, Simon Harris seizes the opportunity to rekindle a flame he'd carelessly extinguished years earlier.

Simon Harris has proclaimed his bisexuality loudly since college. Since they've never seen him with a man; his friends and family laugh at his declarations.  No, he's always dated a rapidly changing rainbow of women. It's not Simon's fault his movie star crushes don't return his calls.

Hot actors aside, Simon is adamant. He knows. There is at least one real life, attainable man he has always been attracted to. Once, fear kept him from acknowledging that attraction. No more. The next time he finds himself wanting to kiss a guy, he's going for it. Therefore, gay virginity aside, he's bisexual, and proud of it.

Alexi Manetas has never gotten over his school boy crush on Simon. When Simon graduated, Alexi moved on. Boyfriends, colleges, careers, life happened. Alexi may not have pined for Simon, but he never forgot. He's lived a full and satisfying life. But always, lurking at the back of his mind, buried deep in his heart there's been Simon and the hope that they would meet again.

A little help from an old lover and a busybody sister in law brings Alexi and Simon together in the present, but Simon's fears might still tear them apart.

Find out more about me and my work at:

Scorching! Up in Flames by Rosanna Leo is out!

Hi friends;

I am too excited to not share the news that my newest romance is out.  Up In Flames, my sizzling firefighter romance, is now available from Liquid Silver Books and other fine outlets.  It's currently a featured item at All Romance Ebooks!

Want a taste?

Jules Baker swore she’d never fall for another firefighter.  When she saw Shane Gaskill, that promise went up in flames.

Blurb:     Juliet Baker is not looking forward to coming home after six months. Yes, the fiery brunette wants to make a go of turning her parents' farmhouse into a B&B. She’s just not looking forward to seeing the place where they died. To make things worse, she knows she'll finally have to face her cheating, firefighter ex-boyfriend.
     Luckily, her sister has found Jules a boarder. Easy money, right? Not when she realizes the boarder is Captain Shane Gaskill.  Not only is Shane a firefighter, he’s the town's hot new fire captain.
     Jules is determined to hate all firefighters. After all, the men of that precious brotherhood protected her cheating ex. Shane, however, proves he’s different from the start. He's protective and kind, and she can't stop looking at his smoking, Viking-hot body. She learns, though, that Shane isn't so willing to love again either. He's been hurt, too. They both fight the sexual chemistry, and resulting tenderness, between them. But when a stalker begins to target Jules, they realize they can't fight their desire forever.
     As the threats escalate, Shane and Jules are thrown together.  The resulting passion overwhelms them.  But are they willing to trust each other and surrender to the flames of love?

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I see Donna Del Oro and The Delphi Bloodline!

Hello everyone!
I am so pleased to host Donna Del Oro on Rosanna's Room today!  Donna has written an intriguing new book called The Delphi Bloodline, a paranormal involving psychics, ancient bloodlines and kidnapping!  Please help me welcome Donna to the blog as she tells us about her exciting work!

The Delphi Bloodline by Donna Del Oro
Musa Publishing
Available Now!
More information at


Present day descendants of the ancient, psychically powerful Delphi bloodline face the threat of extinction when an evil tycoon hunts them for his own nefarious intent, a global spy network.
When artist Athena Butler, the modern-day descendant of a powerful, ancient bloodline of psychic women, realizes she’s the target of mysterious and dangerous kidnappers, she gets help from strange sources—the spirit of an ancient ancestor and a handsome man who claims to be one of her bloodline’s Guardians. Her mental powers and his brawny skills keep them one step ahead of the mastermind behind these kidnappers. Until the time when an FBI task force decides to use Athena as bait.

Teaser Excerpt:

Pyramid Valley, Nevada
Thursday AM

Athena Butler’s eyes blinked open and she sat up.
Coming back from The Flow was always jolting. Emerging from the stream of spirits was like a water skier lurching out of the water, pulled by a strong, invisible force. The mind caught up later to the body as if it required a rough snap to break free.
Likewise, to go there was like jumping out of a plane and feeling the air rush to your face, your limbs weightless and wobbly. Most of the time, it was a joy to enter this world of unseen spirits. Athena welcomed her visits, especially at night when she found herself invariably alone.
When she was a child, she’d often emerge from The Flow with a fearful whimper and a cry. She’d wept and wanted to stay in The Flow. Now, at twenty-six, Athena had grown accustomed to her mental flights. They were no longer fear-inducing for she understood their purpose. But her exits were still mind-wrenching and she often lay in bed afterwards, disoriented.
This morning, fear clutched her heart and she could barely breathe. With a trembling hand, she reached for her phone.
Breathless, she raked her other hand through her hair and kicked her legs over the side of the bed.  Six AM, Nevada time. She punched her mother’s mobile numbers. It was nine o’clock in D.C.
“Thank God, Mama! Where are you?”
“I’m in Baltimore, near the—.”
“Mama, I had a dream about you. A Flow Dream. The spirits—they want me to warn you! Whatever you’re doing right now, get off the streets.  Go home and lock the door. Call the police!”
Her heart felt like a ticking bomb in her chest.  Athena could barely speak. But her mother knew her and understood her Flow dreams. They were seldom wrong though sometimes a little off in timing. Today, a threat was imminent. She knew it.

Behind THE DELPHI BLOODLINE: My Personal Research into ESP Phenomena

                                    By Donna Del Oro

            It started with my cousin. She was a full-time, practicing psychic. People came from all over California for her “readings”, at which she claimed an approximately 85% accuracy. One day, while in my 40’s, I decided to get a reading from her.  Extremely skeptical—although I’d known her all my life and knew she wasn’t a con artist—I arrived, fully expecting a lot of lucky guesses on her part.  An hour later, I left dazed and confused. How did she know that my husband and I were deliberating over which of two investment opportunities to take. We hadn’t mentioned this to anyone, not even anyone in my family or my husband’s.   The one my cousin advised against—and which we didn’t take, fortunately—ended up in bankruptcy a year later. There were other revelations that day that proved true in the months to come.

            And so, I became intrigued by this strange phenomena known as ESP, or sometimes psi. Whatever you called it, it was known as “extrasensory perception”. My cousin claimed to be a “clairvoyant”, or able to “see” what most humans cannot see. Her insights into people, their health, and other personal facts were amazing to me. People in my family both welcomed and dreaded her phone calls. It was often: “You’ve got diabetes,” “You have a cancerous tumor in your bladder. See a doctor immediately”, “Your appendix is infected. Get yourself to a hospital now!” One close friend of the family received one of her calls. She told her that her brother was dying of cancer and that this friend should call him as soon as possible. The friend insisted that her thirty-five year-old brother was perfectly healthy and they’d just spoken days before. However, my cousin persisted and prevailed, even over objections of the friend’s brother. Two weeks later, the friend’s brother called back. He’d seen a doctor, had gotten a series of tests, and his prognosis was grim. He died a year later after a valiant battle against cancer.

            When I probed my cousin, she explained the genesis of her visions and revelations. As a child of eight, she began having dreams. Some occurred at night while she slept, while others happened as daytime visions.  A recurring vision puzzled her but one day it suddenly made sense. Her parents—my aunt and uncle—had announced that they were moving to Hollister, California and had just bought a house with property attached. My cousin “knew” what it looked like and proceeded to describe it to her parents, who hadn’t shown pictures of it to anyone. What she described, from the house to the trees, driveway and outbuildings, matched the place her parents had just put a down payment on.

            After that, the family believed my cousin to have a gift from God. That experience prompted me to open my mind and begin a thirty-year exploration into ESP. What I’ve learned has convinced me that clairvoyance does exist, and that perhaps to some extent, precognition. Many people have incredible, intuitive abilities and many share this gift with others, at no intent of monetary gain but simply a desire to help others. A poll cited in the Journal of Parapsychology showed that at least sixty percent of Americans believe that they have had at least one psychic experience in their lives.

            The difference between a true psychic and a charlatan, or someone who uses trickery and seeks profit or notoriety?  Only one does it for monetary gain. True psychics, as do the psychic women in THE DELPHI BLOODLINE, share their gifts quietly and gratuitously.

            Like my cousin.

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Chastity Bush is here today! (OK...trying not to faint!)

Hi friends,
I am so pleased to have the wonderful Chastity Bush visiting my room today!  Chastity is a fellow Liquid Silver Books author, and has a load of spicy books under her belt.  Please read on for an interview, and news on her latest work!  Chastity, welcome, and thanks for visiting with me!

My Photo
Thanks for having me here today!
1)    Did you always want to be an author?  If not, what else would you have done?
No. Like most children I wanted to be something different everyday. A vet, a nurse, a doctor, etc. It wasn’t until after I was married that I decided to become a writer. I actually considered being a nurse for a short time, but the truth is, that just isn’t me. I’m a writer, through and through.
2)    What is your favourite book of all time and why?
Hmm… I’ve read so many books that I’m not sure I have one favourite in particular. As far as the one’s I go back to time and time again, that would be Highland Sinner by Hannah Howell, and Dark Desires After Dark by Kresley Cole.
3)    Describe your ideal hero (details please! *wink wink*)
Tall, dark, and handsome, of course! Thick black hair, rugged good looks, dark, mysterious eyes, muscular, and a total alpha male. But absolutely zero arrogance. I cannot tolerate arrogant men.
4)    If you could share a romantic evening with any character from romance literature (any genre), who would it be and what would you do to him (ahem! With him)?
Wow, now this is a tough one! If I had to chose just one, I think I’d chose the rough and tumble Cade Rydstrom from Kresley Cole’s book Dark Desires After Dark. He meets the criteria for my ideal hero, and to top it off, he has an insanely sexy accent. Well, at least he does in my head!  As for what would I do to him, I don’t think I can say without making a few blush!
5)    What comes first for you: plot or character?
Usually it’s the character that comes to me first. I usually get an idea of what my heroine is like first, then the hero, and after that, a plot forms. I don’t know how it happens, but it just does.
6)    Who is, hands down, the sexiest male actor of all time?
This one is a toss-up between Colin Ferrell and Johnny Depp. So, I’m going to sound like such a teenage girl right now and say Johnny Depp. I honestly can’t say that it’s any one particular thing about him that makes him sexy, unless it’s his ability to be anyone. He’s like a chameleon. He could be sweet and gentle one minute, then a total badass the next. There definitely wouldn’t be a boring moment with him.
6) Who is your favourite author and why?
Hannah Howell. Hands down. Her novels are so real and detailed without being too wordy. It doesn’t matter which book of hers I pick up, I know that within minutes I’ll be lost in an entirely different word wrapped in suspense, mystery, and of course, romance.
7)    What is on the horizon for you? Any interesting news or books we should know about?
Well, actually, my contemporary romance The Stranger Next Door just released and is receiving great reviews! I also have a contemporary and a paranormal/fantasy (Guarding Eden and Reluctant Angel) coming out in June, (8th and 25th).
In the works I have a paranormal/suspense titled Melody Massacre To The Rescue, and a contemporary romantic suspense titled Undercover Lover. It seems I’m always working on something new. I like to try to have a book coming out if not every month, at least every 2-3 months.

Thank-you, Chastity, for joining us today!  I can't wait to read all these super books! 

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4 Stars from Night Owl Reviews!

A profound "thank-you" to Pauline Michael at Night Owl Reviews for a lovely review of For the Love of a God!  I am incredibly thankful for those beautiful 4 stars! 

Pauline had this to say: "Rosanna Leo breathes life into a fantastic myth and makes it so believable you cannot help but be swept away....I love the rollercoaster of emotions this story had me on, from laughter to tears of joy and sorrow. I am a complete sucker for a great mythology based plotline and this one was fun. This is a great by the pool read.
Warning: You might get caught up in all the fantasy!"

Thank-you, Pauline!  Thank-you, Night Owl! 
Aw, heck (*sniff sniff*).  Thanks, everyone!

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Juliet Chastain and a whole lot of Gypsy love!

Hello everyone!

I am so pleased to have author Juliet Chastain visiting my blog today, with not one, but two tales of forbidden Gypsy love!  Can you get more romantic than that?  I know I can't wait to hear more.  Juliet, welcome!

Greetings, fellow romance readers and writers.  I am in the middle of writing a series of short stories called Gypsy Lovers. One has been released and more to come each month. These are sexy 99-cent novellas, set in the Regency period about Gypsies and the English men and women love them.

 I wanted to do some stories in which totally inappropriate, culturally, and socially mismatched men and women find love together. I've always been fascinated by the Romani people, Gypsies, who for a thousand years traveled around Europe and were very separate from, and often despised by and even persecuted by, the people among whom they lived.

In the first book, A Proper Lady's Gypsy Lover, we have Lady Lucy-Ann who is a hellion. She does not want to be a proper lady although her relatives require it. What she wants is to roam free and swim and fish and ride astride. And most of all she wants to be with her childhood sweetheart the handsome Gypsy, Liberty Wood. Liberty is the caring kind of man who will do anything for the people he loves, but he's also a gambler, a horse trader, and an adventurer. Of course, he adores Lucy-Ann but is a totally unsuitable suitor.

In the second book, For Love of a Gypsy Lass, we have a bored-out-of-his-skull English nobleman, Lord Harry Beresford who has simply had it with his luxurious and dull existence and the noble and dull ladies he is supposed to court. He falls hard for an itinerant Gypsy singer called Talaitha Grey. He assumes she can be easily seduced by his wealth and prestige, but to his surprise she's not the least bit interested in any of that—although she is, against her will, attracted to the man behind it all.

Somehow these characters must find their way to happily ever after—and they do so in unexpected ways.


A Proper Lady's Gypsy Lover is available at Breathless Press! | Amazon | All Romance eBooks and at many e-book stores

For Love of a Gypsy Lass will be released soon and available as above

To learn more about upcoming stories or about me: While you're there, check out my other short romances: The Captain and the Courtesan and The Cry of the Wolf. You can also find me on or Twitter@julietchastain

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Cover reveal- Sweet Hell, available July 16!

It's out! It's out! My new cover is out!  Sweet Hell, coming to you July 16 from Liquid Silver Books! And here he is, Dionysus himself...

A little "thank-you" from Rosanna!

Happy Friday all!
I just want to take a moment to say "thank-you."  For the Love of a God is my first foray into the publishing world, and as any author knows, it can get a little overwhelming sometimes.  One births this "thing", this novel, and then one must send it out into the world, hoping very much that someone falls in love with it as I have.

I was impressed and astounded by the level of support I felt IMMEDIATELY upon joining the ranks of romance authors.  There's a lot of love in this community, and not for one moment have I suspected it wasn't genuine.  And our fans truly can't get enough of the genre!  That's a wonderful thing!

I have to say that getting my first good reviews have truly left me gobsmacked.  When I saw those 4 stars, and in one heartwarming instance 5 stars, I felt such an incredible rush of emotion.  I know I sent little "thank-you" messages to my kind reviewers, but I really feel the need to say it again.  THANK-YOU!  This is why we do this work.  We want you to fall in love with our heroes and to identify with our heroines.  To know that someone did is bliss. :)

THANK-YOU to my publisher Liquid Silver Books for taking on a newbie, but never making me feel like one.  Because you took a chance on me, I've been in a state of constant giggles and smiles for months now.  My cheeks hurt, and I have new laugh lines, and it's awesome.

And THANK-YOU as well to the people in my life who have supported me and cheered For the Love of a God.  To the co-workers who always ask how my sales are going.  To the friends who, when they see me, say "I just finished chapter so-and-so", and then wink at me!  Thank-you to everyone who has bought a copy or tagged it to read or just plain "liked" me.  Your support keeps me going.

I look forward to sharing my new novel Up in Flames with you on May 28.  Have a wonderful week-end. 

Lots of love,

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Shiela Stewart is in the house...with a demon!

Hi friends;
I'm so excited to have author Shiela Stewart here with me today to publicize her book Awaken the Demon!  This one sounds really spicy!  I love a good demon...oxymoron, that it is!  Read on for a blurb and an enticing excerpt.  And one lucky commentator will win one of Shiela's books, an ecopy of Awaken the Demon!

Author: Shiela Stewart
Awaken the Demon: Book 1 in the Demon series.
Genre: Paranormal Romance
To Purchase:


Abused for years by a sadistic fiancé, Missy Green has finally had enough. Running away is her only recourse. Wanting a new life, she takes refuge with a group known as the Stargazers. Taken in by the illustrious Draco Starr, Missy is elated to finally find peace. Yet, something doesn’t seem right about her host.

Born in the pits of hell, Draco Starr was once a fearsome Demon. For centuries, he collected souls for Satan. Having done his time, Draco sets out to start a new life. Even with more wealth and prestige than anyone could ever want, something is missing in his life.
Missy is about to have her world turned upside down. Discovering Draco is a demon is terrifying enough, but finding out she too is a demon is more than she can handle.
Can Missy deal with her new life, and the affection she is beginning to feel for Draco, or will her past come back to haunt her?


“I wanted to ask you a few questions.”
She turned her head to face him and the room began to swim before her. “Questions, always questions with you. Let me ask you one for a change. Why are you looking for a mate?”
“To share my life with, of course.”
“Why me?” Her vision was beginning to blur. Was this what being drunk was like? She’d never been before.
He blinked several times before responding. “You’re the only one of your kind.”
“And that’s it? You want me because I’m rare?”
“I did. Before I knew you. Where is this going, Missy?”
“I’m just curious if love played any part in this search for a mate. See, when I accepted Ronald’s proposal, I believed I was in love. I figured we would have a long, happy life together, have a few children, grow old and die together.” She looked over at Draco. “Well, that didn’t exactly work out, so I was just curious what your idea of happily-ever-after is?”
“I’ve never really given it any thought.”
“Well, I would think that would be something to think about when choosing a mate. However, I really don’t know what you feel, being a direct descendent of Satan and all. Can you feel?” she slurred.
“How did you find that out?”
“I have my ways,” she responded slyly. “Can you?”
“I didn’t come here to be grilled by you.”
“I wasn’t grilling you. I was just asking questions. What’s the matter, Draco? You don’t like being questioned?”
He got to his feet. “I think I’ll come back when you’re in a better mood.”
“Oh, don't go. I’m in a perfectly fine mood now, Draco.” She swaggered toward him.
“You’re drunk.”
“Yep, yep I am. Why is it I get the strangest urge to rip those clothes from your body and see what's hidden beneath all that black?” She ran a finger along his lapel. “Yet, at the same time, I want to vomit at your feet.”
“What sort of response were you expecting from that question? Or was it a rhetorical one?”
“Yeah, the last one,” she slurred.
“This is all new to you. It will take time for you to adjust.”
“Oh, I’ve grasped it all. I’m now a demon who craves flesh and blood and my future is filled with uncertainty, but one thing remains.” The tears came up and flooded her eyes despite her fight to withhold them. “I can never go home again.”
“No.” She waved him off. “Leave me be. I need some time alone.”
“You keep pushing me away, yet it’s me you need.”
“I don’t need you.” She stepped away and was shocked when he yanked her back toward him. Before she knew it, his mouth was covering hers. She felt the heat scorch her from the middle of her belly and down. Something inside of her beckoned her to surrender.
“I have never wanted a woman’s lips before.” He ran his thumb over her lips. “Yours tempt me beyond reason.” With that said, he vanished.
She slumped to the floor, her eyes flooded with tears.
Now why did he have to do that?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Danita Minnis and Falcon's Angel!

Today, friend, I am excited to introduce you to my fellow Liquid Silver Books author Danita Minnis!  Her wonderful paranormal romance debut Falcon's Angel is being released May 28, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!  Check out her beautiful cover, read on for a blurb and excerpt and get to know my pal Danita!

Danita, the floor is yours!

Hello and Welcome!

Like reincarnation, mystery, chills and hunks? My debut paranormal romance novel Falcon’s Angel is for you!

Watch for it here: on May 28th.


After a jaunt on New York City’s nightclub singing circuit and all too realistic forays into the health field as a risk manager in South Florida hospitals, I turned back to my passion of writing with determination!

I’ve always been an insatiable reader of romance, which for me signifies hope and the affirmation of life through love. A powerful human need, love is the purest form of communication. I love creating the worlds my characters live in!

Favorite saying: Chivalry is NOT dead, ladies!

Falcon’s Angel – blurb

If Angelina had her way, she would not be the daughter of a dynasty. She would go to Italy and spend all her time playing her Stradivarius on the steps of the Pantheon.  

If Falcon had his way, she wouldn’t be a thief, they wouldn’t be lying to each other and a devil-worshipping cult would not want them dead.

Falcon’s Angel is sexy and funny, with plenty of action and lots of surprises along the way. Romance finds my version of James Bond as the Falcon tracks the stolen violin to the Naples Conservatory in Italy.

Falcon’s Angel is a paranormal romance of a love that ended in tragedy in eighteenth century England. That love is tested in a fight of good versus evil some two hundred years later.

Falcon’s Angel - Excerpt

Naples, Italy

Falcon stood in the shadowed courtyard of the Naples Conservatory.

She left the building right on schedule. She had arrived early and stopped by the panetteria to pick up breakfast. She preferred the sweet rolls. When she left the music school, it was near dark.

Her schedule of classes wasn’t that bad. It was the time she spent practicing alone in whatever unoccupied classroom she could find that kept her there all day. She was dedicated, and very beautiful.

She had bumped into him in the hall two days ago on her way to class, “Scusi, Signore.” He did not know which was more shocking; the sound of her rich contralto or those huge liquid gold eyes, a striking contrast to the midnight waterfall rippling down her back.

He had purposely stepped in her path that day to confront her about the Stradivarius she carried. When he got a better look at her, he smiled “Perdonami,” and let her pass. Her lithe form glided down the hall.

If this goddess is a thief, she won’t have to take anything from me. I’ll give her whatever she wants, and more.

Although he allowed her to see him just that once, he had been watching her ever since. He did not know her name yet, but he called her Angel. Her unusual eyes made her seem like a fairy. Her fluid grace only enhanced the impression of an ethereal wood sprite.

The warm breeze lifting her summer print skirt silenced those thoughts.

Damned if he was not holding his breath waiting for the end of those legs before the gentle curve of her hips.

She crossed the darkening piazza and her full breasts danced under the white camisole top, making his mouth water. She was on her way home now.

She was staying at the Casa di Città on Piazza Avellino and now so was he. The apartment, a few avenues away from the Conservatory, was in the cultural Greco-Roman district, where the buildings themselves looked like archaeological finds.

Falcon emerged from the cluster of fig trees in the courtyard. He stopped when a man exited a side door off the Conservatory. The man started walking behind Angel.

Turning toward the fountain in the courtyard, he gave the man a head start. He fell in step behind the man, who carried no books, no instrument. Is he a teacher, or a lover? No, not a lover. The man didn’t even call out to the girl. He did not know her.

Falcon strolled along, looking into shop windows he passed. The man ignored a streetlight, but Falcon stopped, making sure no one followed him. With an idle shift from side to side, he waited for a car to cross the intersection.

Across the street, a teenager sat on the steps of a closed shop. He’d been there for the last few days. The car stopped at the curb in front of the teenager.

Someone should pick him up.

He would not jeopardize his cover for drug trafficking. He would leave that to the local polizia.

The light changed and Falcon crossed the street, satisfied that the man following Angel was alone.

They were walking through the ancient Roman marketplace, which was deserted now. When the girl got closer to the church built on the site of an old temple, the man began to close the distance between them.

Falcon shook his head as she reached the church corner. She never noticed the man who was just a few feet behind her now. When the man pushed her into the gloom around the church corner, they were lost from his sight. The girl screamed.

Sprinting, he rounded the corner. About ten feet away, the man was trying to wrestle the violin case from her against the wall.

Falcon pulled out his gun and aimed. “Let her go.”

The man turned toward him, and the girl pulled at his ear. The man bent, holding his stomach. He made an inarticulate sound before running away along the side of the building into the darkness.

Falcon darted past the girl and followed the man into the shadows.

What the hell?

Something flitted overhead, darker than the darkness in which he now stood alone. He pointed the Glock upward even as a figure walked up the side of the building. It looked like a black cloud but more solid than it should be.

Before he could get off a shot, the darkness disappeared over the side of the roof.

Staring at the dead end in front of him, Falcon put his gun away. No doors or windows on either side.

Where is the guy? Must be a hidden door somewhere, he’d check it out later.

Falcon turned back toward the girl. Beyond her, across the street, the man he had been chasing got into a car.

“No way,” he murmured as the car sped off. No way could the man have gotten past him in the alley.

The girl had both arms wrapped around the violin case in front of her. She was leaning against the church wall, crying.

A street lamp flickered on above them, belatedly bathing the passage in revealing light. She did not seem to realize that he was there.

“Did he hurt you, Signorina?”

She looked up. He lifted his gaze from her heaving chest.

“Grazie,” she whispered, wiping her face with the back of her hand. She shook her head. “I am fine.”

“You should not be walking alone at night.” The harsh reprimand in his voice surprised him. She was very young. Her tears wrought such vulnerability that he softened his tone when he came to stand in front of her. “Do you know that man?”

“No, I have never seen him before. But ... he knew me.”

“What did he say to you?”

She looked down at the violin.

He stared at her until she looked up. Ah, she had just found her story. It was in her eyes, and it was not the truth. The fear in her eyes told him that story would never change.

“He didn’t say anything, but the way he looked at me...”

Her chest heaved again. He almost smiled; she was having a hard time with this lie.

She stared at him. “You are from the Conservatory. I saw you the other day.”

“Antonio Russo, Tony to my friends.” She did not hesitate to shake his hand, and he did smile then. She might be lying to him but at least she did not see him as a threat. She continued to stare at him. She must want more. “I’m taking classes at the Conservatory,” he added. “I play piano.”

“Oh yes, I’ve seen you in Signor Gattano’s class.”

He had signed up for the class because it was right next door to hers. So, she had noticed him, too. He smiled wider.

“Signorina, I could call you Bella, but that would not satisfy my curiosity.”

She lowered her eyelashes over cheeks flushed the color of the terracotta tiles on his mother’s sunlit patio in Tuscany. She tanned well for one so light. He almost lifted his hand to touch her cheek. There would be little satisfaction in knowing her name now that her skin was singing a siren’s song to him.

“My name is Angelina Natale.”

“Ah. You are an angel, after all. I have not seen you around here for very long. Did you just fall from heaven?”

He watched her full lips while the sound of earthy laughter, though shaky, amped up the adrenaline coursing through his veins. A vision of her lying naked beneath him, her golden eyes glazed in passion, teased him.

“I am from England. I’m here for the symphony.” Her Italian was excellent.

“Angelina Natale, I would be honored if you would let me escort you home.”

She put the violin case under one arm. “I would like that.”

There was blood on her closed fist.

“Are you hurt?” He moved closer.

She moved her hand behind the folds of her skirt and backed into the wall.

He waited, leaning his hand against the wall above her head, inhaling her perfume. A beguiling combination of ... amber, apples and musk. The scent suited her, organic, delicious. He wanted to lift her skirt right now and take her against this wall, those long legs wrapped around him.

Angelina examined the buttons on his shirt that were in such close proximity. Stepping away from him would be cowardly, and he would guess she was made of sterner stuff. When she looked up it was with the defiance he expected from a cornered tigress.

He held her gaze, reaching behind to bring her fist out from the folds of her skirt.

The bloody gold in the center of her palm was a heavy medium-sized loop engraved with a stylized dragon. She had pulled it from the man’s ear and he had not made a sound.

“A memento?” He whispered in English close to her lips.

“I don’t want it. You can have it,” she answered in her native tongue. Now, that was the truth. Her British accent was tinged with a weary sadness. He wanted to pick her up against his chest and carry her home.

She had courage. Even while his mind worked to figure out what her role was in the mystery of the Stradivarius, he admired that.

He couldn’t leave her alone now. Not on a street where men escaped him when cornered in an alley and black clouds slid up church walls.

“Are you hungry?” Their lips were inches apart and he wanted to kiss her, but that would have to come later.

“I forgot about lunch. I had caffe at four. I’m starving,” the beautiful tigress admitted.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

D X Luc visits...mythology is so hot!

I am so excited to have my friend D X Luc visiting today, especially as we share a love for hot immortals of the Greek god variety.  Check out her new book Touch of the Gods, just released!  I know I can't wait to pick up a copy for myself!! Read on for a steamy excerpt!


I'm D. X. Luc author of Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home, A Zombie Hunter's Holiday, and my newest release Touch of the Gods: The Wager. I also have two free reads, Down the Yellow Brick Road: A Little Piece of Rainbow and Freshman Fifteen.

Growing up in the city of Northern Delaware, and the youngest of eight children, I often found myself making believe to keep myself from feeling lonely. My imagination ran wild with stories and tales. And when I was unable to play, I found myself lost in books. My favorite growing up, The Iliad.

There is something amazing about Greek mythology. It's always held a special place in my heart and now that I have three kids of my own, I am instilling the love into them. At the moment, I'm doing this through reading Rick Riodan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Also, because I homeschool, I've been able to teach them about the different gods and goddesses. It's been a lot of fun all around.

It was one day, when I sat staring at a blank laptop screen when my eight year old daughter mentioned how it was unfair for Hephaestus to be the one who didn't get a happily ever after. So just like that, a light bulb went off and Touch of the Gods: The Wager was born. Hephaestus, the lame, underrated god, was finally going to get his chance at love.

You can check out more information, book updates, and more on my blog at



When love and war makes a little wager, what could possibly go wrong?
I am Hephaestus. God of inventions, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. Sounds like I'm awesome right? Well, I'm not. In fact, I'm the loser of Olympus and a new bachelor to boot. Living the single life had been great until a decade passed and if my divorce from the Goddess of Love wasn't bad enough, I was still being rejected by the other women of my home.
Because of an incessant need to make me a pawn in his game, my brother, Ares convinces Eros to make a little bet. A wager that puts my lack of love life to the test. Sent to Earth, I'm skeptical, when suddenly I lose myself in the sensual scent and beauty of the full bodied  Vanessa. She is my everything, my perfection.
Sadly, from a single caress upon her silky flesh, I send our lives into a downward spiral of hell. The Touch of the Gods curse. To save her, I must believe that I am not the nobody I was raised to think. And to save me, she will have to decide if I'm worth giving up everything for.
Have you been touched?


All I could think about was getting home and calling my sister to see if she'd be ready to talk. At four o' clock, I was rushing to get out. I had been distracted the rest of the day by what had happened with Willa and the oddly dressed man. I knew my sister wasn't dating anyone, she always told me those things.

I was also unsure how to approach my new neighbor. I wasn't exactly close with the others in my development and I usually hated initiating any form of conversation. Driving through the streets, I hoped the person wouldn't be home and I could leave the box of sweet on their doorstep with a note or something.

By the time I reached my house and went to pull into my driveway, I saw my sister's hippie van blocking it. I pulled up on the side, grabbing the cookies and my purse. I headed toward my door when I heard Willa speak. Your aura is so vibrant! Which realm are you from?

            Um, I'm new here.

             dear, was my thought when I heard Willa's sing song voice speaking to a man on the other side of my house. Carrying my items, I hurried to the back yard and found her waving her hands over the body of a giant. Seriously, this man was enormous to the point that he would make steroid filled bodybuilders look tiny. Yet, even as huge as he was, he clearly looked scared of my sister who was, at that moment, trying to pull his shirt off. Most guys would have shooed her away, but he just stood, frozen and helpless. It was oddly adorable.

            What did you say your name was? I need this off, it's blocking my read of you. Are you an alien?

            No, Im just new here. Please don't take my clothes off.

            Though I secretly wished he'd lose the shirt, I scolded myself thoroughly for such sinful thoughts and headed over for the rescue. My steps got slower as I approached him, his frame towering and more impressive than I could imagine.

 He had to be over seven feet tall and he filled it out just right. His arms were as thick as a tree, veined and bulging with muscles that I didn't know existed in the human body.

 I wasn't small by any means, but with his large hands, working man hands my Dad would say, he could grab hold of me with room to spare. Licking my lips, I let my gaze roam over him, like he was a big slice of apple pie, from his powerful jean encased thighs, to the heavy mountain that was his groin. I'm not ashamed to say, my gaze I lingered there.

 After several seconds of ogling, I moved back up and noticed his breathing had changed. It was fast, intense and I may not have been a rocket scientist, but I knew that he was watching me, watch him.

            Willa still stood near him, but she no longer flapped around like a lost butterfly. She gaped at him in awe, then jumped away when he moved fast, especially for a man his size, closing the short gap between us. His body was a flame and the heat seeped into my pores to finally settle in my pussy, which clenched hungrily. Never, had I responded this way to any man, but there was something about him.

            What is your name, lígi̱ omorfiá?     

             At his strange words, I shrugged. Um, okaywhatever.

            Your name is Whatever?

            Yes, uh, no. It's Vanessa.

            He didn't respond with his own, instead he placed his long finger under my chin and lifted until I could see above his chest. My neck strained, but I didn't care once I looked upon the most captivating face Id ever seen. His features were angular, masculine and so well defined, I was sure I'd seen his bust in a museum. I wanted to kiss his lips, suck on them maybe. As strong and decadent as they looked, I was sure to come up with many uses.

Finally, I focused on his eyes and gasped, my mind trying to process what I was looking at. At first glance, they were bright red, flowing like a stream of lava while little flames flickered in the pupils. Then they were blue, shot with stripes of amberNormal eyes. My horniness were getting the best of my senses. It was then, I realized he had leaned closer, his mouth parted as if to kiss me and damn my sudden lack of will power, I closed my eyes in anticipation of it. So close was the heat of his breath, as his lips hovered just above mine, and then....

             The sound of Willas voice came crashing down over me. Oh don't mind me! Im just standing here, eating these yum-tastic cookies and about to see my big sister make out with a complete stranger. Something she always gets on me about.

            My sister was right. I didn't even know the man's name! Yet, I was reluctant to pull back from him, and when I did take a step, an arm of steel wrapped around my waist. The pressure was there, but he was gentle about it, giving me a noticeable enough squeeze to hold me against his body. I also didn't mistake the miniature baseball bat that pressed along my thigh. Obviously, my crazed hormones didn't misdirect me either, because I involuntarily shifted my body, so that his cock was situated right where I needed it most.

 Dark blond brows shot up, while his free hand swiftly opened the front of my jeans. Just as quickly, the man's hot fingers found their way under my panty waistband, sifting through my trimmed curls and paused just above my slit. So nearso achingly close.

            Hey! Dude, get your hands out of my sister's pants, you pervy alien! Move away!

            Looking startled, he uttered what was probably a curse in that odd language, his accent thicker and darker. It was both scary and erotic.

 Willa rushed over, half eaten cookie box in hand and pushed him away from me, before thrusting the goodies at his chest.

 I was still in a daze, pants open and without thought. I couldn't tear my gaze away from his face I even felt my feet moving to get close to him again.

 Luckily, my normally free spirited sister had sense enough to drag me to my home, get me in, and close the door with a resounding slam. I heard her put on both the pad and chain lock for good measure.

The fog in my brain was beginning to clear when she came back to where I sat on the couch and stared down at me, her hands planted on her hips. What the hell was that, Nessa? You were about to let him do you on the damn lawn!

            My cheeks heated in a blush at her description of what had almost occurred. The most embarrassing part about it was that I was going to let him, which was so unlike me. I kept my eyes down, not wanting to see the accusatory glare that I heard in Willa's voice. I was the older sister, the role model and I nearly lost control with a strange man. And why? Because of the delicious and meaty mass that was his body, or the way he made me feel like a smaller woman in his presence? I wasn't sure, but as the memory replayed in my mind, I felt wanton all over again.

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